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Teens and Substance Use Therapy | Gloucester, VA & Across Virginia

Teen Substance Use Counseling In Virginia For Tweens and Teens In Need

Why Therapy For Teen Substance Use?

You've caught your teenager using substances and you have no idea how to help them. Maybe you've been noticing their behavior spiraling for months, with lower grades, changing friends, or sudden intense emotional outbursts.

You want them to get help, but what kind of help is out there?

Teen substance abuse therapy will work with your child to develop healthy activities and friendships to take the place of their using behavior, teach them healthy ways to communicate that will last for the rest of their life, and work on repairing your relationship with them.

How Many Teens Use Substances?

Wondering the most common substances that teenagers try? Usually alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco.

By twelfth grade, 2/3 of students have tried alcohol. 

Half of 9th through 12th-grade students report ever trying marijuana. 

 4 in 10 9th through 12th-grade students reported having tried cigarettes
In studied 12th graders, close to 2 in 10 reported using prescription medicine without a prescription

How Do I Know If My Teenager Is Using?

Check for these signs:
-Getting high on drugs or intoxicated on a frequent basis
-Lying, especially about the drug use
-Isolating-avoiding friends or family
-Giving up hobbies or activities they enjoyed and putting more time into using
-Getting in trouble at school or with the law
-Engaging in risky behaviors
-School challenges such as being suspended or missing school
-Depressed, hopeless, or suicidal feelings

What Are The Risks If My Teenager Is Using Substances?

The most important risk is the earlier teens or adolescents begin using substances, the more likely they are to have a substance abuse problem in the future. 

Substance use in teens can:

-Make challenges in growth and brain development. Brains aren't fully developed until we are 24, so the earlier we start substances, the more we can become addicted or alter that brain path.

-Lead to grades dropping

-Lead to other risky behaviors such as drunk or reckless driving, unprotected sex, etc.

-Lead to adult health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure or sleep disorders. 

Why Is It Important To Treat Teen Substance Use?

The earlier it can be treated, the better the outcome of the treatment. 

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Our staff uses the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (ARCA). The therapist will work together with your teenager to create goals for the future, realize the consequences of turning towards substances, and increase your teenager's engagement in healthy and positive social activities. 

You probably want your teen to have or learn certain skills, such as having better communication, learning to solve their own problems, or knowing how to say no to drugs or alcohol. Maybe you want them to learn how to meet their goals. This treatment will work on those and more.

The therapist may also work with the teenager on job-hunting skills and social or recreational counseling to identify sober activities.

If you are worried about your teenager abusing substances, now is the time to get help. Call or email us to begin treatment.

Do You Offer Teletherapy Or A Remote Option?

We do! If you are worried about the time to get your teen to therapy or trying to balance it in your busy schedule, have no fear. Our teens enjoy online therapy as much as in-person and find it incredibly convenient in their chaotic lives.

How Can We Get Started?

To get started, you can call WTHC at 757-296-8794 or email us at

We would love to hear any more questions you have or any other ways to help you and your family feel comfortable in starting this process towards a happier, healthier family.

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