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Our Vision Statement

Experienced. Passionate. Supportive.

Willow Tree Healing Center is about transforming the lives of kids, families, and women by providing a place to feel empowered and the tools to live a rewarding and harmonious life. 

Therapy with us is about you being in control, learning new ways to help yourself and your child, and enjoying the process. Your kids will learn new, healthy ways of behaving, your family will learn better ways of communicating, and everyone will begin to work together with days feeling smooth. You won’t hear from us “don’t worry” or “it’ll all be okay,” we will allow you that place to be with your pain and then the tools to help you get back up to where you feel confident in handling life’s challenges and know the way forward.

You want a therapist that has received more training than just graduate school and operates from research and passion about the field of mental health.  Let us be that help for you. 

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