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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, we are currently accepting new clients for online sessions in the state of Virginia.

Will online therapy be right for my family and myself?

Yes. Kids and families engage better in teletherapy due to being in their own home where they can practice new skills, show the therapist how they engage at home and have an engaging interactive session. Our therapists are trained in how to provide the best teletherapy experience.

Adults do quite well too. There is no stress of a commute to the office. One can be dressed In comfier clothes than going straight from an office to therapy and there is an ability to get back to your day after therapy. 

How long are sessions?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes as is the standard therapy hour and usually scheduled once per week. Once a week is usually great for check-ins and keeping up the swing of therapy. Scheduling can vary based off client need, preference, or availability.  The overall length of treatment can also vary based on client goals, the therapeutic modality they are enrolled in, and the client. It is my preference to work with clients to achieve their goals as quickly as possible while still instilling meaningful long lasting change.

Will my sessions be confidential and secure?

Yes. Our highest priority is to keep the confidentiality of my clients. We adhere to confidentiality and only use HIPAA compliant platforms for telehealth. If this is still a concern or curiosity, email WTHC for a copy of our informed consent.

Do you take insurance?

Willow Tree Healing Center is fully credentialed with United Health Care, Optum, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans, and Anthem Healthkeepers. We are in the process of working on other insurance plans as well.

At this moment, we bill directly with the insurance plans listed above. For others not listed, we are covered as out-of-network providers by many insurance plans. Session fees are paid by the client at the time of service, but we can provide a receipt that clients may use to seek reimbursement for services. If you choose not to use insurance, there are benefits to you as the consumer, such as no mental health diagnosis needed, a greater selection of therapists, choice in the length of treatment or session time, and increased privacy and confidentiality.

If you are using your insurance, WTHC encourages you to contact your insurance company to ensure coverage. Great questions to ask would be if you have mental health coverage, what your deductible is, how many sessions would be covered, and what coverage is available for in-network and out-of-network providers.

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