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Kids in Daycare

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Struggling to manage your child's behaviors? Maybe they are breaking toys on purpose, having intense tantrums you don't know how to stop, or your child seems out of control. Perhaps you are embarrassed by their behavior when you are out in public. Or you love your child but struggle to like your child with their out-of-control behaviors. Parenting a child can be overwhelming. PCIT might be right for you.


Right now, your child may be driving you crazy to the point of pulling your hair out. They never seem to listen, always want their way, and may even throw things or hit you. School is calling you and reporting your child has problems with friends or listening to the teacher. When things are going their way, life is good. However, as soon as they need to follow your directions, a fit occurs. If they have younger siblings, you may notice them picking up on it too.

You are so ready for this cycle to end as you know it could keep getting worse to the point where you can't keep your child safe or they may get kicked out of school. You just want to enjoy being around your child again.

Imagine a world where your child:

-Decreases their tantrums (and you know how to manage tantrums without losing your hair)

-Listens the first time you ask for something to be done (oh, yes!)

-Doesn't say "no" or defy you

-Has less or no aggression (hitting, kicking, etc.)

-Has better public behavior (enjoying them being in public again too!)

-Slows down activity levels (imagine your kid focusing on activity)

-Increased attachment (great for children with trauma or foster/adopted children)

-Increasing attention span (great for school and home!)

-Less whining and bossiness

-Feeling less frustrated as a parent (we've all been there)

-Better social behaviors such as sharing or taking turns (great for school, friends, and siblings!)

PCIT is the way to achieve these results and more.

Past parents rave that PCIT had "changes much more quickly and consistently than talk or play therapy" and "3 hour meltdowns went down to twenty minutes."

Call our office at (757)296-8794 to sign up today.

What Is PCIT?

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for children ages 2-7 with behavioral problems. It has been studied for 50+ years and found to help children have gains in school, home, and friendships.

What Does PCIT Treat?

The short answer? Almost everything. 

If your child has any of these diagnoses, PCIT can be great for you and your family:


-Anxiety Disorder

-Autism Spectrum Disorder

-Language Delayed Children

-Oppositional Defiant Disorder

-Selective Mutism

-Trauma-Exposed Children

Or if your child also struggles with:

-Trouble sharing or taking turns

-Children who struggle with their peers/siblings

-Children who struggle with focus and attention span, or difficulty staying seated

-Children who struggle to follow commands

-Children who love to tell you as their parent no

-Children who get easily frustrated

-Children who live to annoy others

-Children who need constant attention

-Children who blame others for their mistakes

Why Choose PCIT?

PCIT focuses on giving you, the parent, the skills to succeed. It is not a lifelong treatment (usually 14-20 sessions is enough) but you will have lifelong uses from learning this therapy. This is not us as therapists taking your child for one hour a week into an office while you wait unsure of what we are even doing. This is where we improve your relationship and give you skills that will work all the time.

How Does Parent Child Interaction Therapy Work?

The first phase of treatment focuses on establishing warmth and working towards secure attachment in your relationship.  The therapist will coach you, as the parent, in skills that have been proven to help your child feel calmer and more secure in their relationships with you, as well as good about themselves. What child doesn't need more skills to feel calmer and have higher self-esteem?

The second phase of treatment will give you the skills to manage the most challenging of your child's behaviors in a calm, confident, and consistent manner.  Phase two teaches parents proven approaches to helping children accept limits, comply with discipline,  respect house rules, and have appropriate public behavior.  

How Long Until I See Benefits?

Throughout treatment, benefits are noticeable. As long as you are doing the homework and attending regularly, you will notice a difference in your child's behaviors and you will have the tools to help you manage their behavior at home.

Recent parent feedback in the first few weeks of treatment:
"Can’t believe in the short amount of time how well she’s responding to all the positives we are doing, the meltdowns are really decreasing."

How Long Does PCIT Last? Am I Participating In This Therapy Forever?

The good news--PCIT therapy typically can be done in as little as 14-20 sessions with consistent homework (5 minutes a day) and attendance. Change in your child's behavior will be seen throughout treatment. PCIT is research-proven to keep most kids out of therapy for 7 years until they hit teenage years when their brain will undergo significant remodeling and changes. Some of your skills you learn in this therapy will still help you in teenage years with discipline (and them accepting discipline), listening (you with them and them with you), and a great relationship with your child.

Why PCIT Versus Other Therapies?

You want your child to be able to come to you with their problems and to listen to you. The best time to make this connection is now, while they are young. Research shows that the children with the best outcomes have one caregiver with whom they feel secure and connected.


PCIT can help you develop that warm, loving relationship versus them solely connecting to a therapist who won't be there forever. 


PCIT is an evidence-based therapy meaning it has been studied and proven to help challenging kids calm down and accept limits. It is a trauma-informed intervention and is recommended before even Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

Is PCIT Covered By Insurance?

Yes, it is. As long as your insurance is accepted by WTHC or your insurance accepts us as an out-of-network provider.

What About Online PCIT? Will It Work Versus In-Person Therapy For My Kid?

PCIT is phenomenal with online therapy. Online PCIT therapy has been researched studied to be as good or better than in-clinic work.  Your therapist will coach you on how to manage your child's behavior at the moment as it occurs in the home environment. Much better than an office where kids can pretend for that one hour a week that everything is fine.

How Do I Explain To My Kid Why They Are In Therapy?

You don't want your kid to think they are different or have to attend therapy when their siblings or friends don't, so how do you explain it? 

With PCIT, the explanation is very simple. You can tell your child that "we are attending therapy as adults forget how to play with kids so the therapist is helping us learn how to play again." This keeps the focus off the child, but on the family needing to work together better.

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