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Help For Moms With Relationship Anxiety In Gloucester, VA

Struggling With Relationship Anxiety? Moms Can Find Relief Here

Why Therapy? How Can It Help Me?

Life as a mom is stressful. You take care of people all day bravely putting one foot in front of the other. Possibly you forget to relax in all that stress and maybe you find yourself getting mad over little things constantly as you are so stretched thin. You don't know where your brain is and you are forgetting the most simple of things. Maybe you are working and feel guilt over not being able to be a stay at home mom or maybe you are a stay at home mom who worries about not being able to help financially. 

Every day you put on your mask of strength and keep soldering on while wondering when this ache inside you will go away. 

You hear all the time that these mom years will get better. Some people say “don’t worry it is a phase.” Everything will be “alright,” they say. You see all the perfect moms on social media yet you can never seem to live up to their standards. Sometimes you just want to go back to the old days where you could sleep in or relax for five minutes. And if you’ve been a parent for a long time, you may be living the truth that a five minute break is never going to fix the exhaustion you feel from being a parent.

How are you ever going to get the break you need to revive your spirit while keeping up with all the things you have to do as a mom? That’s what therapy is for. 

On airplanes they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before putting on one on your child. Therapy can be that oxygen mask for you-a place where you get time to feel heard, to voice that sometimes being a mom isn’t a ton of fun, or to work towards being less stressed so you can be a better version of yourself. Therapy is a break from all that stress and to be reminded that you are more than a mom and you deserve a chance to breathe.

You may not know how to fix this anymore, but you know you need to work on yourself and we are here to help you become your best woman and mom.

Therapy can give you tools to calm down in those hard moments of being a moment, to communicate your needs more with your partner, and help to enjoy being a mom again.

Relationship Anxiety Shows Up In Many Ways, Here’s How We Most Commonly See It

You know that you and your partner are strong and stable but sometimes it’s hard to trust that stability. You may find yourself wondering if your relationship can make it through these rough patches, if this person is really the right person for you, or are they hiding something? This constant worry and insecurity has a name-relationship anxiety. 

Relationship anxiety can show up as:

  • Overthinking small things such as a comment or change of plans

  • Worrying you don’t fit into their life

  • Feeling they stay with you because of what you do for them

  • Not feeling able to ask for help

  • Stressing when you don’t hear from them 

  • Avoiding conflict 

  • Constantly looking for signs they are being unfaithful or dishonest

  • Self-sabotaging relationships when someone gets too close to you 

If you struggle with relationship anxiety, therapy can be a great place to voice these worries, weigh them, and find solutions that work. Therapy can help you feel closer to your partner, better able to communicate your wants/needs, and able to calm those anxious thoughts when they occur.

Don’t All Moms Get Stressed Out? Is Something Wrong With Me?

You see on social media all the moms were baking cookies with their kids and taking pictures of all the family outings with even matching shirts. Their houses even seem so clean and put together despite having kids. Your friends may be able to laugh at their child’s sassiness when all you feel is frustrated. 

You may wonder, do they have a secret? A secret to being a perfect mom and letting things go? 

The truth is, no they don’t. They may have learned ways though to manage their stress and to be in the moment.  Likely, they have a therapist who lets them sit in their imperfections so they can accept and laugh at the crazy moments in life. All moms have stress and that’s okay. Let’s work together on getting yours to a level that feels manageable so you begin to feel calmer, happier with yourself, your kids, and the adventure that is parenthood.

What If I’m Not In A Relationship, Can You Still Help Me?

Absolutely. Now is a great time for therapy for you whether you want to work towards loving yourself, another relationship, or how to set healthy boundaries and see red flags before making the same mistakes as before. Therapy will help you fully understand yourself, what you want in an ideal partner (and work towards that awesome relationship), or work through fears of being trapped in a relationship or scared of love. It’ll be a space for you to learn to enjoy these very moments in life and to feel fulfilled no matter what.

How Is Your Counseling Different From Other Counselors Near Me?

Therapy at WTHC will first start with acknowledging that being a mom is hard. We want you to have a space where you get to voice the frustration, the worries, the fear, and to finally know you aren’t crazy but are having a reasonable reaction and to help you feel relief. Our counselors allow you to let go of that worry and to finally feel heard and validated, plus have a few new skills that will help manage the chaos.

Mary Willoughby Romm is also trained in Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders. She is passionate about helping new and expectant birthing people and their families overcome anxiety and depression. 

Do You Offer Teletherapy Or A Remote Option?

We do! Teletherapy has been extremely beneficial for our moms as they don't have to worry about finding a sitter, leaving the house, or navigating time off work. Therapy can be done on your lunch hour or another hour of your day.

How Can We Get Started?

To start on your journey to being stress-free, call us at 757-296-8794.

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