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Family Counseling For Families In Conflict | Gloucester, VA

Is Your Family Truly Stressed Out & Stuck In Conflict? Family Counseling Can Help

Why Family Counseling?

Your family is feeling disconnected, unable to happily spend time together, and maybe you as parents are struggling to get on the same page. You can't understand where your child or teen is coming from or how to help them, but you know you want help.

Instead, the fights keep rolling, there seems to be no communication without yelling, and you feel stressed out.

Try family counseling where we can work on improving communication, giving proven parenting strategies that put you both on the same page, and increasing enjoyable time spent together as a family.

What Is Family Counseling Like? How Can It Help Me?

Families are like a machine that sometimes needs a few parts repaired. You could take out one part and the machine may sort of work until that one part is overworked or gives up. If you take the whole machine and repair it though, then you are far more likely to have it continue to work long after the repairs.

Family counseling will have everyone in your family practice healthier ways of being in the family, and how to work better together. Your family likely has some resiliency skills, but even the best of families can need extra resources and help at times.

Family counseling involves working on relationships in the family so you feel closer, reduce conflict, improve  communication, cope with stress better, and overall show each other more love. The goal is to co-create a happier, healthier family.

What Can You Help Us With?

Family therapy can help with:

  • Communication struggles (say goodbye to yelling matches, feeling in the middle, etc.)

  • Reduce family stress

  • Conflicts between siblings

  • Major changes such as moves, divorces, new parental figures, coming of age, and more

  • Deal with a death or loss in the family

  • Marital problems 

  • Inconsistent parenting

  • Behavioral problems

  • Children withdrawing from parents

Does My Spouse Or Partner Have To Come?  

Ideally, anyone who lives in the house or is involved with childcare would be great to have in the session. However, we understand that sometimes work schedules or other challenges can make it difficult to have both parents involved. 

Hopefully, your spouse or partner would be open to learning about what is discussed in session if they are not able to attend. Even if they are not interested, family therapy will still help your family develop skills to handle the current challenges life is throwing at you.

What If I’m A Single Parent, Can You Still Help Me?

Absolutely. All families are welcome here at WTHC. Single parents, grandparent-led families, and more. All we ask is we have a caregiver with legal rights to the child and who is willing to show up.

How Is Your Counseling Different From Other Counselors Near Me?

If you are looking for someone who has the experience, the education, and compassion to help your family—look no further. Our therapists are passionate about helping families and giving them the support and resources they need using evidence-based strategies whenever possible.

Do You Offer Teletherapy Or A Remote Option?

We do offer remote therapy and have found it works better than in the office as therapists get to see the family in their own setting so the child shows their true behaviors or so families can already begin the work on change in their own environment which makes it much easier to continue. Families also have much more freedom in scheduling without having to fight traffic to get to an office or waiting in a waiting room.

How Can We Get Started?

To get started, please call Willow Tree Healing Center at 757-296-8794. We look forward to hearing from you.

What are your fees?

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