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Mastering The Balance In Your Twenties (Life, Love, Relationships)

Updated: Apr 16

You’ve hit your 20s and it seems like life is coming at you fast. Maybe you’ve just graduated from college or you are just starting a career. It seems like everyone has life a little more figured out than you do, but how can you figure out what it is you do want?

1: What Are Your Life Goals In Your Twenties

What is it that you’ve truly always wanted in life? Is it to be a mom? To have a high-powered career or one with a work-balance? Do you want to travel before kids? Now is the time to sit down and think on what might be important to you down the road. Your twenties will go fast, so it is important to think on what you do want or don’t want, or even just to explore options.

If you want to be a mom, it might be time to start dating, learn how to cook, or learn the basics of taking care of yourself. If you want to travel before you have kids, make the time now to map out where you would want to travel and go ahead and start thinking about ways to start making that a priority. If you want a career without kids, great! Go ahead and plan out what that might look like for you, and what other goals you might have.

Ultimately, thinking about future goals isn’t meant to box you in, but rather to get you thinking about what you do want, because time will go by whether you want it to or not. A helpful way to make sure you are living up to what you want can be to design a vision board with both short-term and long-term goals. You can put it on your wall where you can see the board and work to make your dreams happen.

2: Start A Career In Your 20s

Your twenties are a great time to start a career, decide to go back to school, change careers, or just figure out who you are as a person and what you want. This is a great time to learn what you really want out of a career and what you can’t tolerate in a career. Don’t be afraid if you need to change careers or realize something isn’t for you, it is better to realize that early than to spend a lifetime unhappy.

3: Find Your Friends In Your Twenties

Your twenties are a great time to bond with a mixture of people and learn from those friendships. Some of these friends might carry on into your 30s, and some might be lessons learned. Some might stick around, some might change as you change. Your 20s are a great time to befriend different people, go on adventures, and learn how to communicate healthily in a relationship and what role you want in relationships. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself through this process.

4: Learn How To Take Care Of Yourself In Your 20s

Your twenties are a great time to start healthy habits. In your twenties, you can find out what exercise you like, learn to cook healthy foods, and learn how to budget. You can also learn what you like to do to relax, how to meditate, or when your body needs a break. Your twenties are a great time to figure out what you want and need, before worrying about what a partner or child would want or need from you. Setting up these healthy habits now will make it easier much further down the road.

If you are in your twenties and trying to figure out what you want out of life or just how to make it through your twenties, therapy can be helpful. In therapy you can explore possible career paths, making friends or friendship challenges, romantic challenges, how to start a good self-care routine, and more. Therapy can be a time to break through previous challenges or let go of the past. If you are curious when is the right time to get involved in therapy, click here.

If you are looking to for help navigating your twenties, Mary Willoughby (Romm) Prentiss is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Virginia who provides online therapy for Willow Tree Healing Center. She enjoys transforming the lives of women, college students, kids, tweens/teens, and families through providing communication strategies, coping skills that work, allowing a safe space to be heard, and actively working towards helping you with your challenges. She is certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (ages 2-7) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, counsels substance abuse in teens and adults, and practices Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy.

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